ProPractices purchasing options

ProPractices clients can utilise two service options, ProID and ProNote, to select and purchase a pharmacy, based on pre-agreed criteria:

1 ProID – is a strategic and pro-active practice search based on selected criteria, such as:

  • Ownership types
  • Location
  • Competitiveness
  • Size and turnover
  • Product and revenue mix e.g. OTC, Internet and wholesaling aspect
  • Staffing requirements
  • Property specifics
  • IT/ IS strategy

Our Pharmacy advisers will generate a ‘buyers profile’, based on the above inputs, and subsequently utilise our extensive network and marketing infrastructure to identify suitable pharmacies on a priority basis.

Additional to the strategic search, when any new practice comes on sale with ProPractices, ProID clients will receive notice 5 working days ahead of ProNote clients

2 ProNote – provides clients with priority notification of all practices for that come on the market based on agreed aforementioned criteria.

ProNote retained clients will receive priority notice of 3 working days before the details are marketed to other clients and placed on ProPractices website and newsletters.