ProPractices have a comprehensive understanding of the professions, primarily focused on the Legal, Accountancy and the Financial intermediary/ IFA sector. However we also have experience of advisory in architectural and surveying sectors.

Law firms

ProPractices directors have been active in the legal market both before and after the significant changes bought about as a result of the Legal Services Act 2007. These changes have resulted in opportunities for non-lawyers to own/participate in the sector and the creation of Alternative business structures (ABS’s).

Our legal market knowledge comprises the experience of both Principal Director whilst employed by Deloittes and Grant Thornton working with Top 100 law firms as well as local/ regional players. This was complemented with a period when one of our directors was Commercial Director for a top 70 UK law firm and a leading legal process outsource providers.

The projects undertaken by ProPractices could typically involve strategic planning focused on practice growth through organic means, mergers and acquisition or indeed the sale of legal practices.


ProPractices Directors have a track record of working with national, regional and locals firms as regards:

  • Practice sales
  • Practice acquisition
  • Mergers
  • Fee acquitison and disposal

In terms of acquisitions we have an active database of buyers and investors who wish to acquire practices, they are a combination of regional firms and also private equity backed consolidators. Our role is to ensure vibrant competition in order to optimise deal structure and consideration.

Financial intermediary/ IFA sector

Against the backdrop of RDR and other landscape changes the sector has been forced to reconsider their business models and after a lifetime devoted to building a business and goodwill. It is also understandable that some more ‘mature’ advisers simply don’t have the appetite for the changes essential to the future of their business.

With over 80% of advisers having no more than five advisers and as many as a 30% being sole traders, the general move in the sector towards consolidation seems inevitable.

Being part of a larger entity with greater market leverage along with regulatory infrastructure makes the necessary transformation far more straightforward for small businesses. That’s why the landscape represents rich pickings for larger firms with deep pockets and a model that meets the demands of the new marketplace.

ProPractices are able to assist IFA practices:

  • Valuing their business and client goodwill
  • Identifying a range of buyers
  • Negotiating optimal terms
  • Managing the whole transactional process
  • Mergers and acquisitions